Reduce Stress and Conflict

Explore your options for collaborative law in Rockville, MD

Collaborative law is a process that requires the participating attorneys to have significant training in collaboration.  You and your collaborative attorney conduct a series of four-way meetings with the other party and their collaborative attorney.  This process is confidential, protects your privacy, and focuses on the future, rather than being stuck in the past.  Through collaboration, you maintain the highest level of control regarding the outcome of your case.


You can rely on the office of Steven J. Gaba Attorney and Counselor at Law in downtown Rockville, MD to represent you well and advocate for your needs in an effective manner. The ultimate goal is for both parties to leave feeling satisfied with the resolution reached.


Why take the collaborative approach?

Hiring a collaborative law attorney is a good option for people who want to mutually work toward a civil divorce. Collaborative law is:


  • Less costly than adversarial litigation
  • More efficient and less stressful compared to court proceedings
  • Set up to allow both parties to leave knowing they have created a resolution, rather than having a result decided by a stranger



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