Achieve Your Goals Without a Court Case

Make things easier on yourself by arranging for mediation services in Rockville, MD

As an experienced family law and mediation attorney serving Montgomery County from my office in Rockville, MD, my goal is to assist you in reaching a resolution that is fair. When you need counsel in mediation, Steven J. Gaba Attorney and Counselor at Law should be the first firm you call.

I'll help you maintain control of the outcome to meet your goals and interests. Reach out today to schedule an appointment with a dedicated family law and mediation attorney.

Learn more about mediation

Divorce can be complicated, but having guidance from a mediation attorney can smooth over some of the problems during this time. As your attorney, I'll be by your side during every step of mediation. Your mediation services may include:

  • Meeting with your spouse and their attorney
  • Determining the value of assets and accounts
  • Coming to an agreement on how to divide assets

If you and your spouse are unable to come to an agreement, your divorce may proceed to court. If you have any questions for a mediation attorney in Rockville, MD or Montgomery County, please contact me today.